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10 Questions for Angela Di Carlo: Makeup Artist and Downtown Celebrity

Angela Di Carlo is a woman of many talents.

As a New York City based makeup artist with over 20 years experience, she has worked with a diverse array of clients including the art electro-pop band Fischerspooner, artist Vanessa Beecroft, actress Kristen Wiig and musician FKA Twigs, to name a few.

Angela is also well known on New York’s downtown scene as a DJ and star of the cult comedy show “Attention Deficit Disorder Cabaret.” We adore her unique brand of style and humor, a hint of which is reflected in her answers to our 10 Questions.

Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Lady Di Carlo –


Yes, One black cat! A beautiful boy cat we rescued from the ASPCA 10 years ago. We think he’s got a little Maine Coon in him because he’s a big one! My last cat I had found on the street, so we went to go adopt one. I always wanted a black one and I’m very slightly allergic, so I do better with a long haired cat. He was one of the last ones we saw, he was a gentle beauty and so smart. He can turn off light switches and knows his name. He’s a talker too and we can actually have a short conversation. My husband knows I have this insane bond with this cat and is highly amused by it.

What was the last concert you went to and how did you do your hair and makeup. What did you wear?
Does Night of 1000 Stevies count? I always go because I have a lot of friends who perform. I’m not that big into dressing like Stevie, because EVERYONE is wearing a top hat, lace shawl, tambourine etc., so the theme this year was “Garbo.” I did a late 20’s/ early 30’s look and blocked my brows, painted thin long ones and did a shimmery smokey eye, lashes and a turban. Bamn. Put a fork in her she’s done! I love doing stuff like that- oh and a dark lip. It’s always fun to see which of your friends recognize you when you drastically alter your look. I think that is one of the reasons I love makeup some much. The power of transformation.

Guilty Pleasure?
Real Housewives. I mean pretty much all of them. I know…

What is the most non-traditional tool or product you used on a job (any job)?
When I was doing makeup for Fischerspooner back in the early aughts, there’s a bit where this character, Peanuts, had to spew blood. I would make it from scratch all the time, but for a certain set of shows they wanted him to spew liquid GOLD! Hahaha! So I got this powder from the cake decorating store that looked like liquid gold, but only if you activated it with alcohol like you would with an extract, so I mixed it with vodka! It looked amazing and Peanuts got a little buzz every night.

If you won the lottery, how would you like to spend most of your time, excluding travel?
Probably spend more time playing the piano, knitting and I think I would do a lot more volunteer work and maybe live on a beach…something like that. Oh and bake cakes. I like to bake.

What was your worst faux pas on a job and how did you recover?
Oh gawd. I would have to say I was on the set of a movie and the actor (he was pretty famous) was sweating and they called for makeup and I ran up without any Kleenex and just had my puff. Then I had to go get Kleenex and I just handed it to him, and he was like “You want me to do it?” Which was HORRIBLE! Luckily,  it was a LONG time ago. I was so young and nervous! I’ll never forget it!

App that changed your life?
Google maps and bus tracker! I live in NYC and I don’t have a car, so I take the bus and subway as much as I can. Especially for small jobs when I have a lighter kit and I can just punch in the address. It tells me the best route and how long it will take. I always have to add a little extra time because in the city you never know, and I’m a punctuality FREAK- which is always good. Oh and bus tracker tells you when the bus is coming which is revolutionary!

What would be your dream job or client and why?
Any job that you had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do! The worst thing ever for me is when you have an idea for a fantastic makeup and you just don’t have enough time to do it the way you want to. I mean, I could just paint on a face all day and be so happy. I think that would be it, to be able to do that with every product in the world at my fingertips!!!!

Have you ever had an “only in New York experience” – what was it?
There’s so many times when you are shooting on the streets of New York City, which is the best backdrop for any shoot ever, really. I had done this crazy fantastical makeup on a bunch of transgender performance artists for V magazine and we were shooting under the Manhattan bridge and it was raining. That was pretty spectacular.

Do you have a hidden talent / superpower?
Besides talking to my cat?! Ha Ha! I think it might be making people laugh and feel at ease. I do a lot of shoots for OUT magazine and they’re usually portraits of people that are not used to having their picture taken. So while I do their make up,  I get to know them and then talk to them when they’re on set which relaxes them. They’re not as stiff and the photographer can get what they need. That happens a lot, I mean I’m kind of a big mouth and can talk about ANYTHING to ANYONE. Sometimes it works!