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10 Questions for Makeup Artist Vincenza Carovillano

Vincenza Carovillano’s transformative talents as a makeup artist have earned her an Emmy nomination and wide spread respect within the industry. Her impressive resume includes a diverse array of world renowned clients including entertainers, celebrities and socialites. She credits much of her success to having a down to earth approach which enables her to truly connect with people on a personal level. As a result, the looks she creates not only accentuate her clients’ best features but captures their inner beauty as well. We simply adore Vincenza’s buoyant personality and are delighted to offer you a glimpse of her energetic spirit in the latest installment of “10 Questions”.

My family has a brindle Pitbull. Her name is Nutella and we love her so much, she’s our piece of heaven on earth. #loveanimals

What was the last concert you went to and how did you do your hair and makeup? What did you wear? 
I remember going to a Madonna Concert. I love her old school music as I grew up in the 80’s. I was made-up to the nines, I LOVE MAKEUP ! I love eyeliner so slayed layers of black eyeliner liner on, eyeshadows, blush, bronzer. I got my girly face on for sure and I’m sure red lipstick was involved- old school Madonna face all the way. I went with friends and was on a date. I want to say I wore tight jeans, tight, tight top and boots with heels …I brought the sexy for sure.

Guilty Pleasure?
Chocolates. Anything sweet. A Snickers bar would do it. I definitely have a sweet tooth.

What is the most nontraditional tool or product you used on a job?
I remember not having my makeup palette to mix products like foundations, lipsticks, moisturizers, so I went into the job’s pantry and used eating plates until I ordered a new makeup palette. I went through lots of plates lol!

If you won the lottery, how would you like to spend most of your time, excluding travel?
I play lotto- I do, I do! I’d love to buy a forever home and decorate rooms from different cultures like Egyptian, Asian, Spanish and, of course, the rest of the home would be Italian decor – a colorful and happy home. Nutella (my Pitbull) would have her own room with Princess decor. I’d love to volunteer at animal shelters and I love seniors as well so I’d volunteer my time at old age homes. I’d also do more creative makeup photoshoots with tons of different photographers and have fun fun fun!

What was your worst faux pas on a job and how did you recover?
I remember in my early days I was doing eye makeup on a client and I had made an eyeliner mistake and took a q-tip and wet it in my mouth to go clean up the mistake-  EEEEEKKKKKKKK! I saw one of my colleagues look at me with horror so I caught myself and then used eye makeup remover. Thank God I had told the client to please keep her eyes closed. OMG !!!!

App that changed your life?
I haven’t caught up to technology and have no sense of direction so Google Maps and Scout Maps have been so helpful getting me to new destinations. Yay for apps to help get me where I’m suppose to go!

What would be your dream job or client and why?
My dream job would definitely be still a makeup artist on a gig where I would have full artistic freedom to create wild, fun, creative looks. I could see myself working with performing artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pink. I also love Burlesque performers … DREAM JOB!!! Beautiful, Brilliant, Sexy, Creative Makeup!!! YASSSSSSSS!

Have you ever had an “only in New York experience” and what was it?
I live in the Bronx so I see lots of things on the 6 train. One of my favorites was a man dressed in colorful layers like a clown outfit and he stood up to perform and he’s babbling on having conversations with commuters as he’s taking off layers of clothing. I started taping him and he yelled at me that I was going to call the cops. The entire train was entertained we laughed… I was like that was awesome!

Do you have a hidden talent or superpower?
Gosh I wish I had a superpower, I would be a vigilante against evil people like Dexter. I would say my best quality would be showing up in the world as a human with an open HEART. I accept all as they are. My favorite phrase is “Come As You Are” Kurt Cobain. I have the t-shirt.