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10 Questions for Pernille Ituri: Wig Designer and Makeup Artist

Pernille Ituri is the creator of the unique conceptual universe known simply as “ITURI.” A skilled makeup artist and wigmaker, her work debuted at The Royal Theater of Denmark in 2004. She established the ITURI studio in 2006 and has since contributed her unmistakeable touch to more than 70 productions. Recognized in the industry for her creativity, passion and perfectionism, Pernille is well known for her collaborative spirit and high level of artistry. Her loyal clientele includes many of Denmark’s most famous personalities. In addition, Pernille teaches the craft of wig making as well as the Kett Cosmetics technique of Airbrush Art at ITURI in Copenhagen. She took time out between productions to answer our “10 Questions.” Please welcome Pernille to center stage!

Oh my little Frank is a Goldendoodle. I got him on my birthday, January 4th of this year, from Pernille to Pernille! He is now 11 months old and just the cutest dog on the block ; ). He is very charming and I can’t walk the streets of Copenhagen without people stopping us. He is with me everyday in the studio.

What was the last concert you went to and how did you do your hair and makeup? What did you wear?
A danish singer/songwriter named Annika Aakjaer. She is a beautiful redhead. I’m her stylist so I was excited to see her hair on stage. No special hair or makeup for me that night. Wardrobe was just classic Thursday night out – black on black.

Guilty Pleasure?
I have soo many – especially a danish truffle called rum ball!

What is the most nontraditional tool or product you used on a job?
Glue pistol. I was asked to create teardrops for a photoshoot, so I prepared them beforehand and once cured, applied them to the skin. It worked really well!

If you won the lottery, how would you like to spend most of your time, excluding travel?
I would start baking more cakes and in winter, bathe and sauna every day.

What was your worst faux pas on a job and how did you recover?
I once did a photoshoot with a photographer, she wanted golden shiny skin. I explained airbrush application, how beautiful it appears and she was on board. The location for the shoot was in a mine, so there was no electricity. I said no problem –  I have a battery for my compressor. On the day of the shoot I arrived on set and started to unpack everything and then realized… I forgot my airbrush! I had everything on set BUT my airbrush gun. It seemed like a complete disaster. I then had to convincingly explain that traditional application with makeup brushes would be just as effective. Luckily I was able to achieve the look with my brush, but I will never forget this experience. I continue to work with this photographer and we still laugh when we think back on the “mine shoot.”

App that changed your life?
Google Maps and Easy Park are two apps that help me find my way and pay quickly and easily.

What would be your dream job or client and why?
That’s a hard question. I have worked with so many celebrities in Denmark and I was very honoured to assist Mykel Renner on a shoot once in NYC, thanks to Sheila. I have always wanted to do more work outside of Denmark, but at the same time I feel privileged that I do what I love and can make a living in my home country. But hey, if anyone asks if I want to come join a team somewhere abroad I would probably say yes!

Have you ever had an “only in New York experience”-  what was it?
I once was walking near Central Park with my mom. A big black car stopped right in front of us and a lady in a crazy outfit and very high boots came out and headed straight to a street food vendor on the corner. When she turned around I realized it was Lady Gaga! I rushed to get my camera and take pictures and other people came running shouting “Miss Gaga!” It happened so quickly and would only happen in New York!  And yes, I got my picture!

Lady Gaga

Do you have a hidden talent or superpower?
I often get told that people feel very calm when I do their hair and make-up. I am really good at reading people, so I know when to start a conversation and when to just do my job. A clairvoyant once told me that I could do clairvoyance. I might look into that someday.