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Beauty Flash by Stephane Marais

In terms of a source of inspiration, Stephane Marais’ Beauty Flash is a treasure trove! Being one of the fashion world’s most sought after makeup artists has allowed him to work with the most fabulous faces on earth and this book, published in 2001, features all of the major supermodels of the 90’s. Marais’ behind-the-scenes Polaroid images capture a wide scope of his artistic talent- everything from natural beauty to extreme avant-garde- along with the special intimacy that occurs between makeup artists and models during the creative process.

For anyone who is too young to remember, Polaroid was the brand of both a camera and a type of film that produced images that developed right before your eyes. Before digital cameras, this was the only way for photographers to “test” their sets and lighting before shooting regular film. Makeup artists used Polaroids to document their work for continuity purposes and personal record keeping, not to mention hours of fun for families and friends to capture memories that could be viewed in an instant.

In these Polaroid images, Linda Evangelista’s already majestic beauty is turned into a work of modern art using a delightful color palette of blue, purple, yellow and green.

Beauty Flash Linda Evangelista 5

Beauty Flash Linda Evangelista 4


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