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Mosh Pit at The MET!

PLAY IT LOUD: Instruments of Rock and Roll opened April 8th at The MET.

Produced in conjunction with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, this AWESOME exhibition follows the evolution of one of the most important cultural movements of our time, focusing on the instruments that created the historic sounds.

The installation includes over 130 guitars and other instruments played by icons and superstars of the past and present. Fans get a close look at how legendary musicians personalized their instruments, scratched the crap out of the varnish and bashed them into pieces during performances.

Highlights for us included JIMI HENDRIX’S “Love Drops”, JERRY GARCIA’S “Wolf” and JOAN JETT’S “Melody Maker”.

We highly recommend you Tie Your Mother Down, Climb the Stairway to the MET and PLAY IT LOUD on your headphones for some High Voltage FUN!

Visit The MET’s website for more information on this incredible show that runs through October 1st.