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Artistic Kinship

“With color theory at the core of every make-up application, it was my goal to choose colors that would represent the original painting yet not interfere with the modern direction, look and style,” says McKenna, president and founder of Kett Cosmetics. “We discussed every step, shared ideas, some better than others, and worked together towards the same end goal. Co-creating is an arena that has twice as much creativity fueling it, provided that egos are…

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Kett Cosmetics Airbrush Makeup: Basic and Advanced Beauty

In this Airbrush Makeup Basic Level 1 video, you’ll get a glimpse at how to create a flawless foundation application using  Kett Hydro Foundation, as well as highlight and contour, for a natural beauty look. In Airbrush Makeup Advanced Level 2, this video bumps up that natural look to new dramatic heights using Kett Hydro Metals in Purple Haze. Check out our other videos for more product tips and techniques from Kett Cosmetics! How To Airbrush Video…

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